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Glow in the dark

Supersonic Science Effect Pigments - Australia's Best Slime Pigments!

Glow in the dark, Thermochromic (colour changing) and Pearl effect pigments available to create a whole range of different slimes for endless hours of slime time!

Glow in the dark colours:

  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Purple - OUT OF STOCK
  • Bluish-Green

Glow in the dark pigment can only be added to CLEAR Slime Solution.

Thermochromic colours:

  • Red to Clear 25 degrees Celsius (best used in Canary Yellow Slime Solution) 
  • Blue to Clear 25 degrees Celsius (best used in Galaxy Green or Canary Yellow Slime Solution)
  • Black to Clear 21 degrees Celsius - OUT OF STOCK

Thermochromic pigments can be added to any colour slime solution to produce a colour changing slime, however our recommendations are listed above. e.g. Blue to Clear 25 degrees Celsius thermochromic pigment added to Canary Yellow Slime Solution will produce blue to yellow colour change. This colour change will occur as follows: When slime is cooler than 25 degrees celsius the slime will be blue in colour.When slime is warmer than 25 degrees Celsius the slime will be yellow in colour.

Pearl Colours:

  • Golden 
  • Teal Green
  • Purple

Pearl pigments can be added to any colour slime solution to produce a super shiny slime, however, we recommend clear Slime Solution for best results.

Add Ho Ho Aussie Snow powder to Supersonic Science Slime Solution to create super soft, stretchy, fluffy slime (aka cloud slime).

Expert Tips:

Shake well before use. Pour 500mL of Slime Solution into a bowl. Add entire contents of pigment jar to Supersonic Science Slime Solution. Add 60mL of Supersonic Science Slime Activator. Stir until the slime becomes a solid mass, with no liquid remaining. For best results, knead/fold slime for 2-3 minutes. Rest slime in a covered bowl for 30 minutes prior to use.

*Colours may slightly vary from the product image due to camera lighting.
*Effect Pigments are non-toxic.

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